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POSITIVE DIVORCE (is a concept, an alignment, an intention I use as I go through life as a single dad.)

I try to do everything I can to make my divorce experience positive. Most of the time, I am successful. It is always my intention to be positive about the divorce, even though, it is a divorce I did not choose or want. Remaining positive with the kids is the only option. They are not responsible for our happiness as adults of divorce. They are too young to be involved in the decision to divorce. So, it is my hope that my positivism rubs off on them in the long run. Positive Divorce is a choice, a lifestyle, a decision to always present a happy face even in trying times. This is not to deny the depression that might accompany an unwanted divorce, but it is modeling strength for your kids as they are also learning to cope with the loss of their happy family dreams. Be positive. Work our your sadness somewhere else. Give 100% respect and love to your other parent.

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