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Do You Know the DNA of Your Perfect Day?

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Are you listening to your inner voice?
What is it telling you?

I’ve been in some sort of therapy, support group, since my teens, and I’m just now beginning to make real progress at this thing called inner happiness. I also call it joy. And in recent months I’ve been working diligently to uncover my own DNA for what makes my perfect day. Here’s what I’ve learned.

  • I am well-rested and well fed
  • My creativity is flowing with ideas at a pace I can capture
  • I have meaningful work to get done
  • My schedule allows me flexibility in hours, duration, and delivery
  • Dramatic interactions with others are kept to a minimum and are avoided when possible
  • I don’t get stuck in traffic in the Texas heat (working from home)
  • I have a sense of accomplishment as the day progresses

Several of these things, flexibility and working from home, have been hard won. I don’t think my creative lifestyle was ever fully accessible while working for a corporation or agency. Learning experiences. And then I graduated to working for myself. And while working at home presents some challenges as well, I’ve found my sweet spot right here in this very chair where I am typing.

So this has been my approach over the last few months.

Make note of activities and scheduled events that are aligned with my best day. Try to arrange deadlines and commitments to give me some flexibility in how and when I get them done. And the most important aspect for me, lean in when creative ideas begin to emerge.

Listening for the creative ideas is a skill I am honing on a daily basis. A song, a poem, a post here on The Whole Parent, are all part of a whirling mass or energy and drive. It is up to me to find the pause in my schedule to give voice to the ideas inside me. Sounds woo-woo, I’m sure, but it’s more basic that that.

I am tuning in to my creative energy. I am tuning out of things that take away from that energy and livelihood. I am making choices in my life (relationships, work, exercise, chores) that support my momentum during the day. Mainly, I’m listening for the little whispers of ideas and stopping my routine to capture them.

Are you listening to your inner voice? What is it telling you? Are you in alignment with your higher purpose in life? Are you heading in the right direction, or are there things you need to change? How do you reset, refocus, and renew your inner creative life?

Always Love,

John McElhenney

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