Interrupting Our Own Storytelling: a 4-Step Path to Mindfulness

Mindful Parenting – Returns and Love In the New School Year for Parents and Kids

Let’s not set new years’ resolutions, let’s set lifetime goals. Let’s not wait until January 1st each year to reassess and reset our lives. Let’s do it right now. Here’s where I’m going, do you want to come with me? Let’s take the beginning of the school year to plan new goals, new milestones, new habits that point towards our long term goals.

Forward Into the Life I Love

  • I am noticing my joy and contentment on a regular basis
  • Life is a series of “In this moment I have everything I need to be happy.”
  • More music created and shared with friends
  • Move love shared with my partner and those around us
  • More letters arranged in sequences from my imagination
  • Fresh air, fresh fruits and veggies, and more tennis
  • Kissing, lots of kissing
  • Sharing life and adventures with my kids
  • Hugs and love to everyone I touch (unless they are hug averse)
  • Continuous orientation towards kindness and hope

That’s it, my constant resolution. I cannot fail it. It is not something I start on New Years’ Day. This is my life path. Walking alone and with others, I am practicing continuous mindfulness.

Release and Return

Sure, I fuck up. Yes, I act in ways that don’t fit my own “integrity” image. And you know what? I get back up, every single day and recommit.

Here. Now. Is all I’ve got.

Let me be the best dad, lover, man, friend, that I can be.

Healthy Boundaries Updated and Evolved

Boundaries are funny things. If you don’t have them you’re overrun with drama, being late and flustered, and feeling like your life is out of control. I remember a partner who cried whenever the subject of “alone time” came up. “Okay,” I asked, “What are you doing to break out some alone time for yourself.” She looked angry. “There is no time,” she said. “Those two things fit together perfectly.”

We are not here to be each other’s teachers. We are here to love fully connected and intentional about what we want more of in our lives and what we want less of in our lives. If you don’t know how that priority list looks in your upcoming year, that might be the place to start.

My boundaries are constantly evolving as my focus evolves throughout the year. (Or day.) Over the last six months, I’ve been keeping my focus inward. I have a new job, a new house, and a new relationship. Each of these elements in my life requires healthy boundaries. Sure, I’d rather play music and work on a new song this Monday morning. But, I will be returning to my (remote) job after a good bit of time off. YAY. But this job is a boundary in itself. And having a productive job is a health priority for me.

Boundaries are constantly changing between you and your commitments. And people with unhealthy, or unarticulated (unknown or misunderstood) boundaries are more at risk of losing their daily momentum to the will and requests of everyone around them. People pleasers are simply people who have forgotten that they could set and enforce boundaries between themselves and others. Let’s be conscious of our goals and set boundaries accordingly.

Here We Go 2022/23

Today is the day. Let’s begin.

“Making mindful returns my habit for the coming year.”


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