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Experienced Coach: Divorce, Co-Parenting, Staying Close to Your Kids

Here’s one of the most rewarding parts of my coaching business. As I’m supporting Mom or Dad in divorce, I am really learning to support their children. How can I help lessen the animosity and strife in a divorce? How can I give these kids the best outcome? I have years of experience coaching men and women in divorce and co-parenting. How can you give your kids the resilience you’ve learned to practice all your life? My first commitment is to you and your health. With a healthy parent the process of divorce becomes more about clarity and less about emotional injury. Let’s work together to lessen the impact of a divorce on you, your children, and even your spouse.

I am here to support you. And in many cases, I work with both parents individually, and in group sessions where we can establish some boundaries going forward. Entering divorce negotiations as collaborators is much more successful. Let me help you negotiate the best outcome for your children.

I’ve been helping people get through the process and recovery from divorce for eight years. As a divorced dad, I can offer insight and understanding to the divorce process. I have been writing this blog since my divorce 13 years ago. My experience, strength, and hope will help you feel more confident. I have written extensively about divorce recovery and dating again after divorce. I can give you tools and ideas to help you thrive.

First, let’s understand your goals. We can find your plan together with clarity and right intention.

I believe stories heal people. Both telling them and listening to them. We all need someone to talk to, to tell our story to, to be heard. That’s the heart of what I do with my coaching practice.

Whatever your situation, we can work together to build your plan for growth and recovery. I can help you reflect and make healthy and positive decisions.

My primary coaching specialties are:

  • Divorce Recovery (How to find newly single happiness, co-parenting cooperation, and renewed confidence.)
  • Co-Parenting, Parenting, Single Parenting (Put the kids first. Work everything else out.)
  • Depression Recovery (Strategies for managing depression or bipolar. You can thrive even with your challenges.)

The call is free. Schedule it now. What’s holding you back?
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The blog (wholeparent.org) is the first source of support, there is a ton of great information that I’ve written in the 8 years since I was divorced, and it’s available 24/7. If you need a quicker fix or just want to talk to someone about what is going on in your life, let me know.

Let’s talk now and see if we’re a fit for each other.


I do Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime sessions. That’s it. Easy. Tell me what you need in the opening email and describe your situation. I am here to help.

Considering why to accept our free offer?

All I can say is,”Thank you so much.” I am struggling and so sad about our divorce and our work together has been so helpful. – Phoebe

John….. I’m so moved by this. I’m overwhelmed as i sit here, with my family around me. I’m speechless. I have my own story, similar to yours. And now i’m vigilant. Thank you John. These words seem flimsy compared to yours. But i don’t know what else to say. Your work has been a lifesaver for many, my friend. — Michael

Insightful, wise, pertinent. Thanks John! I wish I could get inside the heads of divorcing parents and remove whatever it is that makes them vengeful enough to want to shoot off their own feet and handicap their kids when their marriages dissolve. —  Jacquie

You can also email me your ideas, questions, and what you’d like to work on to [email protected]

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