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Hey Hon: The Whole Parent’s Advice on Love and Relationship-Building

Let’s try a new thing. I get questions for advice all the time. And, as I’m coaching both men and women in dating and relationship building, I’m going to share a few tidbits of that advice. Suggested topics: relationships, dating, co-parenting, divorce, online dating, intimacy, seeking a partner in this mixed-up world.

You can see a lot of back and forth on my most popular and most commented article here: What a Single Dad Wants in His *Next* Relationship.

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Series 1: Defining a Single Dad (man) and Lonely Confused and Lost (woman)

Series 2: I’m in a Relationship, But I’m Not All That Happy


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How I Can Help

I am a relationship coach and a dating coach. I coach women in 1 x 1 zoom or facetime calls. I work in monthly blocks (4 sessions). We establish a relationship. I become your wingman in navigating and sorting through the bullshit of dating and relationships. If you are here, you’ve probably already read some of my opinions.

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