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Fathers and Sons: Reaching For Love

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Fathers and sons can have a hard road to recovery. In divorce, often, the son sides with the mother and rejects the father. It is not a completely conscious move, but it happens. As time goes on, fathers and sons may drift further apart.

Here’s a collection of my fathers and sons posts. There’s anger issues between my father and me. There are disconnections between my son and me. Mostly, you will find me striving to understand the dynamics of my relationship to my father and my relationship to my son. They are entwined in an age-old struggle. For a boy to become a man he has to kill his father, reject his father’s ghost, and find himself. My son is still in this struggle, thus I am back wrestling with some of the issues that still reside deep in the fibers of my soul.

A good father would’ve made a big difference in my life. As a father, I have always strived to be a good father, even when the decisions were not always what I wanted. We grow. We learn. We continue to reach for each other even if my son imagines he is heading away from me. The loop is complete. We come back around. A lot of our identities as men start with our images of our father. My hope, my belief, and my prayer, is that my son and I can heal our relationship enough to find joy and love between us.


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