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The science is in: both parents are equally important in kids’ lives. Especially after divorce, dads need to be included. The old family law seems to think moms are the heart of a family and dads are the breadwinners. This cuts against what we now know. Moms and dads provide different aspects to parenting. When a divorce starts at 70/30 with dads getting half as much time as moms, everyone loses.


For Parents and Expecting Parents: The Pre-Natal Agreement from The Whole Parent

Legal References and Opinions:

Articles from The Whole Parent on 50/50 Shared Parenting

Here’s a little video I made to show the disparity of typical 70/30 custody agreements.

And check out this video about how the federal government funds our state governments.

And here’s a lawyer arguing against shared parenting because the state will lose…

opposed to equal parenting
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