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Mindfulness is a state of awareness that allows us to observe and learn from our own actions. By imagining ourselves holding a video camera and recording the scene we are enacting, we can find the “detached observer” mode that brings new perspectives to our behaviors and feelings. I cannot very well separate mindfulness from the core focus of this website: relationships, love, self-love, and mood management. Mindfulness to me is about seeking a balanced walk through life. Acting and speaking with kindness at all times. I got censored today by Facebook for taking on a misogynistic troll. Did I need to confront him for his egregious behavior? No. And it distracted me for an hour during the prime productive part of my morning. Oh well, Facebook is the lack of mindfulness.

This list is a collection of “mindful” articles written over the last few years. I practice my patience and kindness every day. I meditate most days. And I do my best to always do my best. I fail often, but I get back up and start again. And when things begin again, stop. Breathe. And make clear decisions that move you closer to your partner, your life goals, and your family. That’s the essence of it right there.

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The Mindfulness Index of The Whole Parent