I’ve suffered from depression from time to time. Recently the catalyst has been my divorce. It’s an odd thing, depression, one day we’re feeling happy and content, the next day, due to changes in our chemistry, we’re feeling so much dread we’d consider killing ourselves to get relief. For me, that impulse towards self-destruction is more about the shame at being depressed again. I’m getting over that shame. And writing about my “issues” has been a sort of therapy for me. Here, I’m collecting the depression and addiction posts, to provide a thread for you to follow. I hope it leaves you more calm, cool and connected. Peace.

Recent Suicide of a Friend – And My Necessary Response

Emotions Are Messy (depression, anger, divorce, falling apart)

Divorce Triggered My Depression

Depression and Romantic Relationships

Carving Out a Moment with a Poem

A little side note on drinking

Moments of Hope

Always Love,

John McElhenney

image: sad, creative commons usage

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