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Divorce hits everyone.

Women and children first.
Men last.
The priorities of divorce and divorce recovery are critically important for your health.

Positive Divorce is a choice, a lifestyle, a decision to always present a happy face even in trying times. This is not to deny the depression that might accompany an unwanted divorce, but it is modeling strength for your kids as they are also learning to cope with the loss of their happy family dreams. Here’s the plan.

  1. Be positive.
  2. Work out your sadness somewhere else.
  3. Give 100% respect and love to your other parent.

Positive Divorce Strategies

Divorce and Depression

Divorce and Dads with Depression

Divorce and the Holidays

Divorce and the Kids

Divorce Recovery – Doing Better As a Parent After Divorce

On the road to divorce recovery, we’ve got to do everything we can, as parents, to reduce the stress and drama for everyone in the family. When one parent strikes out or talks badly about the other parent, the collateral damage may be silent, but the pain is significant.

Bottom Line: Don’t bash your co-parent.

Child Support Issues: Don’t file against them in a court of law, unless you are being threatened or your kids are being threatened. The AG’s office should be reserved for deadbeat dads or moms, trying to escape their custodial and financial duties to their kids. The AG’s office should never be used as a weapon against the other parent. No matter how justified you feel, the burden will be with both of you for the duration of the teenage parenting years.

50/50 Shared Parenting: was my goal. I was denied by my then-wife. But, I believe shared parenting is best for the kids. The research agrees with me. Family courts need to catch up so men are not immediately put on the defensive when the word “divorce” is mentioned. Collaborative divorce should be the starting point for cooperative parents.

Let’s do what is best for our kids, NOT JUST WHAT IS BEST FOR US AS INDIVIDUALS.


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