a good dad's guide to divorce, by john mcelhenney

A Good Dad’s Guide to Divorce – Book Release

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The book is finally available on Amazon.

After nine years of being a single dad, I am happy to announce the hopeful book I’ve been planning has been launched. Here are the main sections of this book.

Section 1: The Beginning – To Become Parents

Section 2: Struggles and Distress in a Young Marriage

Section 3: Compounding Issues and Fracture

Section 4: Divorce, Anger, and Loss

Section 5: Freefall and Depression

Section 6: Loss Is Part of the Journey

Section 7: The Core Promise of the Single Parent

Section 8: The Recovery Path Back to Happiness

This is my story, from the joy and spiritual awakening of becoming a sad dad at the moment I became a divorced dad. My journey was not easy. I stumbled, I fell, and I wrestled my way back from a dark depressive episode and into a whole parent. Being a father is one of my most sacred and privileged roles in life. I understood this responsibility from the moment I met my son. I have fought to remain in my kids’ lives as a connected and supportive father. It has not been an easy path.

My purpose is to give hope to families heading into a divorce. My story is not perfect. My recovery from the divorce is still ongoing. If you are a reader of this blog, I would love to make a PDF version of this book available to you in exchange for a review on Amazon. Let me know if you are interested in my offer.

READ IT HERE: A Good Dad’s Guide to Divorce: One father’s quest to remain connected to his kids – John McElhenney

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