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As a life coach in Austin, we need to talk for a second about the difference between coaching and therapy. Here’s my simplified summary:

THERAPIST: A therapist is trying to work with you to change your thought patterns, address your traumas, and give you an empathetic ear.

COACH: A coach will help you to define your goals (immediate and long term) and then give you the steps, encouragement, and tools necessary to achieve what you are longing for in your deepest heart.

THERAPIST: Usually charges between $50 and $200 depending on your insurance, and your ability to pay. You will most likely book a weekly session. And there is often no specific end date. Therapists would like to see you until you are well, and it is hard to put a timeline on emotional and mental recovery.

COACH: Can work with your budget and timeline. If you want to go slow we can meet weekly for 8 sessions. If you want to go fast we can meet for half or full-day intensives. And coaches often work with a sliding scale, meaning we’re willing to be flexible in our fees depending on your income, employment status, and other factors.

A lot has changed since this article came out. Too much to fill in here, but over time you will learn how February 2018 was one of the most transformative months of my 50+ years on the planet. The transitions are still in motion, my life is still approaching hyperspeed of some sort, and many of my major life goals are revealing themselves to have answers that I did not expect and was not actively looking for. Yet, here we are.

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As a life coach I’ve seen some remarkable results. And now those results are within the reach of your keyboard (email: [email protected]) or your phone (call me at (512) 524-6684). Let’s talk about how we might work together.

As my life has been moving in recent years, my passion for helping and guiding single parents through the hardships of divorce, depression, recovery, addiction, and ultimately renewed belief in a future relationship, I am announcing today that my services as a single parenting coach/wingman/confidant/cheerleader are now official and I’ve got slots open.

What this means to you as a reader of The Whole Parent.

  1. My rate to you is 50% off on your first booking.
  2. After your first session with me (skype/facetime/in-person Austin, Texas) you will get a lifetime and unlimited access to the upcoming community that is being built the Whole Parent website.
  3. Your first 30-minute session is free. Let’s just talk about your goals, what you’re looking for in a coach. What kind of help do you need? If I’m not the best fit for you, I have a network of coaches I consult with.
  4. I’ll have the honor of talking to you about your life, your dreams. And you can ask me about my story, what I’ve written, what my experience as a single parent in the online dating world has been.
  5. I’ll email you a PDF of my ebook, What Single Dads Want You To Know About Online Dating.

That’s the entire offer. First call, 30-minutes, is free. Let’s just connect. I’ll send you an electronic copy of the book and ebook just for connecting with me online. There’s no payment, no commitment. That’s as honest as I can get about what I do and how I can help you get back to your authentic strength and happiness.

I do Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime sessions for on a sliding scale… That’s it. Easy. Tell me what you want to pay in the opening email and describe your situation. I can help.

GET A FREE 30-MINUTE CALL and let’s talk about it.
Or email me: [email protected]
Or call me at (512) 524-6684 and leave a message.

This is why I do it. I’m a dad to this wonderful 16 yo girl. She makes my life worth living every day. My 18 yo son, not pictured, is also a top priority in my parenting, earning, and dating life.

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