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Life Coach: Relationship Coach, Dating Coach, Parenting Coach, Divorce Coach

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I am the harbinger of hope. When you have lost your fire, lost your lust for life, lost your love, lost your enthusiasm, I can bring hope and support. Let’s have a free conversation about what life coaching might look like for you.

My coaching practice centers around your care and well-being. I will help you identify priorities in your life and then we build a plan (like a training schedule to run a marathon) to get you there. Life and love are a marathon. Let’s meet on the track and set a course for your future.

I can help you set plans, priorities, and goals for your best future. Then, as an emotional training partner, I can help you keep moving your life in the positive direction you long for. I can help you get where you want to do. Let’s talk about what coaching might look like.

john mcelhenney, life coach, relationship coach, dating coach, divorce coach, parenting coach

My primary subjects are:

  • relationship-building skills (finding and keeping healthy relationships)
  • relationships with your kids
  • self-care and leadership in your life
  • parenting and co-parenting

John McElhenney is an accredited life coach with several specialties: relationship development and communication, divorce, parenting, co-parenting, depression, and recovery.

You can email me: [email protected]

Or you can call me at (512) 524-6684 and leave a message.

John is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
international coaching federation
John also has several additional certifications in NLP, and relationship coaching.

nlp austin, nlp coaching, life coaching, divorce coaching, relationship coaching

Book your free call and let’s talk about it.
You can email me: [email protected]
Or you call me at (512) 524-6684 and leave a message.

Here’s my current strategic map.

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