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It’s really about joy. I know we’re all trying to put our finger on what makes us tick, what our “type” is, and all that. But it’s really a distraction. What you are looking for is JOY.

I’m preparing my next book on dating and I’d like you to come along on the journey. Would you be willing to give me feedback on my latest “dating” project?

For your support you will get:

  • an email with included chapters from the book (as they are completed)
  • unlimited access to the book online (lifetime)
  • a paperback copy or PDF version of the final book (your choice)
  • add your experience, strength, and hope to the book (maybe reader stories)
  • access to John via a private FB group devoted to the joy + joy project
  • give early feedback, ask questions, get engaged

Go deep.
Go for joy.
Find happiness magnified by someone who shares your joy.

Always Love,

John McElhenney – life coach austin texas
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