The Third Glass: When Drinking Is An Issue

Drinking is only an issue when it damages a person or a relationship. Emotional drinking as an alternative to staying present and dealing with your feelings can become a real issue in many relationships. These articles outline my discovery of “the third glass” with the help of my partner. She encouraged me to write the first few articles. When I said, “The third glass is when things change,” she responded with, “That’s good. You need to write that one down.” So I did. These articles are an unfolding of my own understanding and my own personal issue with drinking, sobriety, depression, and longing for a “high.” Today, I rarely drink. When I do drink it is a conscious choice rather than a habit or routine. These articles are about me and my experience of alcohol and alcoholism in our society and how it has touched my life. I welcome your comments and stories.

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The Third Glass - By John Oakley McElhenney

The Third Glass Series – from the Whole Parent, John McElhenney

Always Love,

John McElhenney

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