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We All Need Someone We Can Lean On

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Lean On Me.

I’d like to give you some idea of what working with a life coach is like and how it’s different than working with a therapist or talking to a friend or clergy member.

Life Coaching

  • My priority is YOU and YOUR health (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional)
  • By giving you tools to move past your struggles and back into the life of vigor that you deserve, I am not trying to keep you as a client, I am trying to liberate you from the self-inflicted troubles you may be continuing to foster.
  • We work on your plan, just like you would when training to run a marathon. There are some steps you have to take, and you have to keep working up your stamina and building self-confidence.
  • I’m someone safe that you can vent your frustrations, and celebrate your wins.
  • I am not involved in your life, so my feedback and ideas are 100% neutral.
  • I am a single dad, a depression-challenged man, in a long-term relationship working out my own challenges. I am also in regular therapy and coaching sessions to tune and enhance my growth.
  • I am flexible about the money. I want you to get the support you need. I offer free 30-minute calls to new clients. And if you can’t pay, I will gladly offer you additional 30-minute sessions on-demand as a gift. I believe in giving I am getting back 10X.

I am honored to talk to every person. Inviting me into your world is a risk and I value that engagement with care and confidentiality.


I do want you to get support. Talking to another human being about what’s hard and what’s great in your life is part of the process of growth, love, and life. “Talk to one another, reason things out with someone else…” — from the 12-step process.

But talking to me is going to be a bit different than other support people in your tribe.


We’re going to develop your plan together. What YOU want to achieve, get rid of, find, explore.

I’m going to hold you accountable for the things you say you want to accomplish.

We’re going to meet on your schedule to check-in on progress, pitfalls, and what’s difficult. I can help you find a different perspective.

As a single dad, I can give you a perspective on several things.

  • Divorce (dads and moms perspective)
  • Parenting as a single parent
  • Dating a single parent
  • Depression
  • How to navigate a relationship with a single parent

These are topics I’m invested in. And I have some encouraging information on all fronts. I have been there. I am still in several of these difficulties. I am still in the arena, as a dad, as an ex-husband, as a partner, as a man trying to make his way in the world.

If you’d like to chat for 30-minutes, I encourage you to reach out before you are in a crisis. (It’s okay to call in a crisis, too, but I like to get ahead of drama if we can.) I’m willing to work with you on cost and schedule. And I am willing to hold a positive space for you to expand, express, and emerge as a stronger and healthier person.

Take a risk, open up the possibility that a training partner might just get you the results you have been seeking.

I do believe this is a spiritual journey we are all on. And I am here to join your tribe and help you reconnect with your authentic happiness and hopefulness.

Always Love,

John McElhenney – life coach austin texas
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As a certified life coach, I’ve been helping men and women find fulfilling relationships. If you’d like to chat for 30-minutes about your post-divorce challenges, I always give the first 30-session away for free. LEARN ABOUT COACHING WITH JOHN. There are no obligations to continue. But I get excited every time I talk to someone new. I can offer new perspectives and experiences from my post-divorce journey. Most of all, I can offer hope.

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