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This blog started as a way to turn my ex-wife’s egregious non-cooperation into a learning platform for me. By trying to put the bad stuff into the good pocket, I have strived to find the good in the bad. I believe my life was transformed just by starting this blog. By focusing on the positive whenever I could, on a wide range of divorce and parenting subjects.

I am a single dad. My views are my own and reflect no claim of mastery or expertise. I have been putting it on the page for each of the twelve years since my divorce. A friend, yesterday, said, “You should just get over it. Move on.” What he did not understand is how this writing transformed my entire life. From healing myself to attempting to heal and maintain my relationship with my two kids. This is an ongoing process. Very little of my writing is about divorce or anger these days. I seem to be writing mainly about my two favorite subjects: Mindfulness and Relationship-Building. But this journey started with the survival of the worst blow I’d ever taken to my plans, my personal livelihood, and my journey as a man, a father, and a future partner.

Here’s the curated version of my divorce recovery story. This BEST OF list will take you through my journey in a hierarchy of sorts. From Survival to Management to Thriving.

Divorce Recovery

Kids and Divorce

Dating Again


Relationship to Myself

Finding a Healthy Partner

Learning To Grow Together

The Patience of Love

My goal here was to give you a shortlist of articles to introduce you to my ideas, my 12-year journey to learn to love myself, and then someone else as much as I once loved the woman who became the mother of my children. Even after all this time, I am still pained by the damage of the divorce. I am dedicating part of my life to making things better for kids of divorce. If we can see and seek the balanced parenting approach we might be able to continue that holistic love even as the marriage comes apart.

Your kids want to see you happy. They want to see your former spouse happy. Don’t make them choose sides.


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How I Can Help

I am a relationship coach and a dating coach. I coach women in 1 x 1 zoom or facetime calls. I work in monthly blocks (4 sessions). We establish a relationship. I become your wingman in navigating and sorting through the bullshit of dating and relationships. If you are here, you’ve probably already read some of my opinions. If we’re a fit, we will both know on our first call.

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