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Looking to Get a Little Higher: Seeking Elevation & Immortality

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Let’s admit that coffee (caffeine) is a drug. Now, let’s talk about how we get a little high each morning when we drink our daily cuppa. And if we’re starting to add full-spectrum CBD we might be getting even a bit more elevated. A day without coffee… Well, I don’t know what that’s about. Each time I’ve gotten off caffeine I’ve wound up with a week of headaches and lethargy.

How Do You Seek Elevation?

Today is a typical day. I’m a bit tired. It’s mid-afternoon. I’m working from home (since I am on three weeks of vacation before my new job starts). And I’m kind of “blah.” I’d like a little pick me up. Maybe a cup of coffee? Maybe a bit of decaf so I don’t require anti-high medication tonight to sleep? Maybe a different cocktail? Whatever it is, I’m looking to get a bit of highness into my blah-ness. Or I could take a nap, which is always the better idea if it’s available. But I’ve got a meeting in 30-minutes to go over all the reasons I left my last company, an exit interview. (more on that in a later post)

This afternoon I’m choosing one of my favorite alternatives to coffee for caffeine injection, yerba mate. Now, I don’t have proof, but I swear there is a difference between the type of caffeine or the sources of caffeine you use. And I’ve found YM has got a very nice lift to it. The tea is nasty, so I’d recommend a beverage that has bubbles and a little bit of sugar added. Here’s a nice alternative to Coca-Cola. (see the image above for my beverage of choice)

I can’t nap. I don’t want coffee. And I know I have a tennis match at 8 pm tonight. (Yuk. Too late.) So, I choose a slightly modified version of my pick-me-up. Add bubbly water and one YM beverage and you’ve got a lot of liquid (good for my match tonight) and a bit of caffeine. 80 mg. Just enough to give me the LIFTED feeling, noted on the can.

Getting Your Energy System Dialed In

One of the most important parts of learning to live and ascend in your life is taking charge of your fuel intake and management. All throughout the day, your body is giving you signals about what would optimize your performance and attention. Most of us have learned not to listen to our bodies. If we’re working in a cube or in a retail job, we have no time to contemplate much but survival, but for most of us, we have options. We always have options. The deal is to make the best choices you can.

Here’s what I’ve learned about my own energy intake and creative output.

  • tired is best treated with rest
  • if you can’t rest caffeine is the next option
  • drugs are a possible lift but the wear and tear on your body is not worth the high
  • good food is important, less food is better for your body
  • food is a drug to your energetic system as well, there are foods that lift you up and foods that bring you down
  • micro correcting throughout the day requires you to pay attention to your energy and subtle requests from your body’s energetic system
  • better snacks, better energy supplements, better rest

Back to the Truth About Your Health and Wellness

We can try and cheat our bodies. We can jack up on more caffeine. We can burn the candle at both ends and hope to catch up over the weekend, or worse when we retire. Today, I am learning that today is more important. My health and attitude are here and now, present moment activities that I must be conscious of. I love ice cream, for example, but I know I cannot eat ice cream all the time. I know that sugar is less nutritious and more toxic. So, I think it’s important to learn about my own trajectory management. When I’m down I can do a number of different things to bring my energy back in alignment with the tasks I’m still hoping to accomplish this day.

  • take a walk outside
  • drink a cup of coffee or one of my yerba mate drinks
  • exercise
  • do some breathing exercises
  • take a nap
  • play music or listen to music for a bit

Most of us learn to press on. To refuse to let out bodies rest. To push the envelope in the name of creativity, cash, or ambition. We have been taught that forcing our bodies to perform (in our cube farm jobs, for example) is the key to success. In fact, just the opposite is true. The harder we push our bodies (even extreme sports can be damaging) the more wear and tear we are going to have to deal with later. I’m fascinated by the longevity science stuff that’s so popular now. I guess it’s for people with large budgets to start thinking about staving off the eventual decline.

Today, I don’t have to buy into the rush and tumble of modern society. I can unplug, relax, and rest. I can nap when I am tired. I can eat better food. I can skip the extra cup of coffee and take a nap. I can reduce the number of toxins I put back into my body, alcohol, and sugar being two of the most insidious. Let’s do less of what’s bad for us and more of what supports a healthy and happy body.

If I can be more conscious of my moments, my intake, and my decisions about rest vs. success, I can be happier with the body I have. Right now, I’m a little overweight, but you know what? I’m happy. I’m healthy. I’m rested. I play tennis 3 – 4 times a week. And I’m working on eating fewer queso and chips. What I’m not doing is hating on my body. As a dear friend used to say, “I’m just going through one of my fat periods.” Perfect.

Let’s be nicer to ourselves. And in turn, let’s be nicer to each other.


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