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Resilience, Self-Care, the Mindset of Joy in This Moment

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Here’s the deal: my moment is now.

We’re all about changing mindsets these days. It’s all we hear about. Everybody is running around with misaligned mindsets trying to find a way to push the reset, renew, revive button inside.

Right Now IS the Moment

I’ve spent a good portion of my waking hours moaning about the state of affairs (my own, my country, my partner or lack of a partner) and here’s the deal: my moment is now. My current mindset is everything. It’s what I say to myself, it’s what I long for, it’s what I am consumed by in my daily musings. I can change this. Right now, I can change this obsessive thinking. Let’s give it a go.

Saying Yes To This Moment (daily appreciation can really set your mood and mind in the proper orientation)

  • I am healthy in mind, spirit, and body
  • My kids are healthy and coping as best they can in a very uncertain world
  • I feel the joy of my mom (who passed in March ’21) as if I’m still phoning her nightly to tell her the good news
  • I am alone and blissful
  • Prospects for the future are as bright as they have ever been in my life

Here’s the news: There are no missing ingredients. Sure, I dream about being married again, settled, and fully empowered with a partner who is also blazing new trails in their life’s work. That’s what I want. But at this moment, alone, I am complete. I want her. I don’t need her. I have a great desire for the next LOVE OF MY LIFE, and I know it is best to be patient, rest easy, and work on things within my control.

Everything In Its Right Place

If we’re plugged into our higher consciousness mind, we know this is true.

“What you don’t have you don’t need it now.” – U2

At this very moment, this bright and cooler Sunday morning in October in Austin, Texas, my life is full and complete. I am grateful for all the blessings arriving and passing by. It’s clearer to me today, clearer than ever before, that I am not in control. The timing, the means, the prosperity, the joy, the learning/leaning into despair, it’s all part of a higher plan. What am I being groomed for? I have no idea. But, at this moment, it’s pretty fricken wonderful.

Thank You For This Day

Saying thank you for all that is happening in your life is a bit of a ninja trick. It’s hard to thank the heavens when hard things feel like they are crushing your life. Depression can make EVERYTHING feel dark and hopeless. But even in the darkness, if you can hold on to the promise of the light, you can weather the storm knowing that something is being transformed in you.

This is not some silver lining dream. This is a fact. My trials and tribulations, even my past romantic relationships, have all led me right to this morning. Sitting here in a diner near my new house, drinking mediocre coffee and listening to rock music on my earbuds, I AM COMPLETE.

Thank you for this most amazing day. And in the days to come let me be attuned to a higher power.

Getting In Alignment with the Universe

If I believe that things happen for a reason, I am able to let go of old wounds. As I let go of my expectations (No attachment is the Buddhist way) for what’s ahead, I can more fully open to what’s actually happening. This coffee is not great, but it’s doing the trick. This sunrise out the window of the diner is a promise. I can let go of my expectations when I can trust that some higher love, higher power, higher consciousness, is actually guiding my life.

What is in store for me is in the process of becoming at each moment. Each decision can move me towards the flow, or move me back into the daily toil and traffic of modern chaos. As I embark on my day, I give up my limited map and vow to connect with this mantra, “Thy will be done.”

It’s not my will. It’s not just my plans and actions. It’s not my mindset. It’s not my friends, family, or lovers.

It’s just me and this morning. 


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