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Becoming the Beloved

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this valentine’s thing is a bit of a miss for most of us…
wait, we’re supposed to be romantic on *this* day
and that means flowers and chocolate kisses
to make up for the missed kissed opportunities of the last year

hold on to that sweet card today
give them time
time is the currency of love
without time…
romantic gestures
are more like a marketing campaign
not about love
about moving product
the beloved is not a product, place, or even person
the beloved is inside all of us
to be shared and shown in times spent together

to become the beloved
we have to make loving gestures all the time
every waking day
good morning sunshine
is a mantra both for ourselves and the ones we love

to find your beloved you must become a white-hot lover
if you don’t consider yourself romantic
perhaps love and loving is not your life path
the journey to love is continuous
and can begin at this moment
you can summon the beloved

become a deep listener
offer your time to another
listen with all of your senses
be quiet
adoring attention does not speak
you don’t have the answer
only empathy
and time

the more we listen to our beloved
their illumination brightens for both of us
connections form between our souls
traveling in time
giving time
spending time
as the only offering of value in life

become the beloved
and you will call out the beloved
in another

Always Love,

John McElhenney – life coach austin texas
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