The sex index

The Sex Index: Finding It, Getting Good at Getting It On

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Sex is a big deal. It can be complicated. It can be a deal killer or a false positive. Sex is also a gateway towards crafting and evolving a healthy relationship. Let’s get a few ideas about sex out in the open between us right up front.

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  • I want great monogamous sex (I can’t kiss more than two people at once).
  • Sex is a gateway to love, spiritual enlightenment, and even God.
  • Sexual trauma is a jigsaw puzzle that takes time to unpack.
  • Don’t get lost in sexual chemistry before you have a chance to understand the potential of your relationship.
  • Great sex is transcendent. It can also lead you to a dead-end partnership.
  • Take care about sex. Take your time getting there. Then take your time getting better at sex with your one partner.

If you have different ideas about the flavor of sex that meets your needs and expectations, that’s okay, there’s going to be a lot of information explored here. Take what you like and leave the rest behind.

The Mystery of Sexual Chemistry

Big Sex, Big Love, And the Hot Hot Heat Test

Getting Sex On The Calendar

Pausing The Heat of Sex

Negotiating Sex, Saying What You Want

Getting Good at Getting It On

Let’s talk about sex with our partners. Let’s be patient with them when they are growing and stretching into a new partnership. Being vulnerable is the biggest key to letting your sexual energy grow and strengthen your relationship. It takes work to get it right, but the journey along the way can be fun too. Have fun with sex. Take it seriously, but with reverence rather than a strict idea of how it needs to be.

Let go and have good sex. If things go well, you could be building a lifetime partnership.


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