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The Power of Sex: Let’s Explore the Edge of the Unknown Together

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In my conversation with Krysta Rosina, I am delighted to learn about her sex-positive approach to life and living. From an ecstatic tantric experience several years ago, she redirected her life’s work. In this conversation, we explore her first massive tantric event. Wow. I was a little envious. And we quickly moved on to stories of love, intimacy, and looking for the one.

“I was really focused on finding the perfect partner,” she says about herself, pre-awakening. “I chased desire, but those relationships didn’t last very long. I knew there was something more.”

She has put the last several years into that journey of discovery. And in this conversation, we will talk about her work as a sex-positive practitioner. What does that even mean? And what is sex-positive? Why are these younger women getting so jazzed up about breaking down the stigma surrounding sex in our modern culture?

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The conversation ran long, and I talked too much, but it was energizing and delightful. We end in a quick check-in and meditation. A momentary namasté for all of us, along our own journeys to discover our true inner bliss.

You can find Krysta’s work on her website: krystatantric

A goddess for sure.

Stay loving. Be more loving to each other. And most importantly, be extra loving to yourself. We’re all healing in these tough times. Keep going. Bliss is within your body and within your reach.


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