the little red book of mindfulness

Defining a Path: The Little Red Book of Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is not hard to understand.

Understanding mindfulness is not mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness in your daily life is a process, a habit, that once you embrace and understand can make significant improvements in your quality of life and even your health.

Defining a Path: where do you want to go in your life?

If you don’t have a good idea of where you want to go, everything else in your life is a bit harder. By understanding your “purpose” (whatever you want that to mean) it can become more clear if an action is toward or away from your goal. It’s best to explain this with an example.

I want to be a successful writer. That’s one of my overarching goals. So, when I have a weekend ahead of me, I have options. If I blow through my weekend without much writing, I’ve made decisions and actions that are no aligned with my goal. By understanding this about myself, I often put “writing” moments in ever day of my life. Little steps along the journey of becoming.

In fact, I already am a writer. I write. I have books. I have more books on the way. I’m writing at this very moment.

Of course, we can’t stay “on task” every free moment in our lives. The choices we make have more influences, partners and connecting with them, rest and recovery, exercise, prayer and meditation. It’s too easy to blow through a weekend or a weeknight without any creative cycles. But if this becomes a habit, then my quest to become a “writer” is not being served.

When I’m in flow (writing with joy) I am experiencing a little bit of nirvana here on Earth. Nirvana is inside you. It is 100% in your mind. Unlocking it, feeling it, requires some intention and then action that follows your intention.

First, we’ve got to define a path for our efforts. Here are a few more of my overriding objectives:

  • be a great father to my children.
  • be a strong and supportive partner
  • walk my daily path with joy and compassion
  • enjoy my work
  • be intentional with my play
  • produce a tv series based on The Off Parent
  • love life to the fullest

Listening to myself and turning for the journey ahead.


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