the little red book of mindfulness

Refining Your Goals: The Little Red Book of Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is not hard to understand.

Understanding mindfulness is not mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness in your daily life is a process, a habit, that once you embrace and understand can make significant improvements in your quality of life and even your health.

Refining Your Goals

Along the journey, it is crucial to reset your goals.

Let’s say you are clicking along on the path toward your self-awareness but you feel like you’re losing momentum or energy. Where there is energy, there is joy and focus. Find what excites you in life, and make plans around those activities. When you find you’re on a path that doesn’t fill you up must make choices.

  • Grin and bear it
  • Make changes
  • Be zen

Grin and bear it – act like things are fine. Sublimate your needs. Make excuses. Try and meditate your way back to happiness. But it’s just not working.

Make changes – understanding life is a not all about joy and centeredness, take action to change your direction, don’t give in, don’t settle, don’t give up.

Be zen – if all life is suffering, this uncomfortable moment/situation/life will pass.

Resetting your plans and goals is part of continuous adjustment. Always be course-correcting. Always be asking what would work better, what would give you more excitement, and what would make you feel more rested and safe. It is important to ask questions about your goals and habits. Aligning your energy and readjusting your goals as needed is part of the path forward.

Aim at your goals. Reset your plans if they don’t feed your heart. Constantly refactor and refind the meaning you want to create with your time and energy. Your actions should move you closer to your plan. When you find your energy and effort is being spent on efforts that don’t serve you, it’s time to reset, refactor, and recommit to your goal.

Listening to myself and fine-tuning for the journey ahead.


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