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Our Daily Grind: How Do You Trend Up or Down During the Day?

It’s all about micro corrections. During the day, we can add fuel or cool to our mojo. What’s your strategy for managing your energy during the day? What’s your goal for the close of the day, the typical time we have for ourselves? Let’s put some ideas in place that can help us cool or fuel our days and nights.

Do I Need More Fuel or More Cool?

If we have a good measure of where we are in the present moment (the NOW), we can make intelligent choices about what we need next. For me, I know I have a ton of options during the course of my day to move my barometer up or down. Let’s see what options I have for moving my needle up or down.

FUEL or UP Options

  • coffee
  • exercise
  • lean eating, less eating, keto-range
  • engage in some fun/playful activity
  • meds (antihistamines, antidepressants, AD scripts)
  • sugar (not a sustainable option, often overused by me)

COOL or DOWN Options

  • going for a walk outside (barefoot if it’s not too cold)
  • swim
  • nap
  • eat a heavy meal (protein and carb-rich, fewer carbs when I’m trying to get fitter)
  • CBD (tinctures, gummies, other) zero-THC
  • meds
  • water and electrolytes (low cal sports drink Nuun, is my go-to)

What types of fuel or cool strategies do you use?

Assessing Your Present State

The first step in getting a handle on our energy is getting a good read on where we are at any given moment. In this present moment, take a second to read your body. Are you sitting in a chair, slouching (as I was typing this)? Are you happy, sad, hungry, tired? How is your energy? What about motivation and joyful momentum?

I have been using a scale from 1 – 10 to manage my moods. I’ve recently been adding this idea to my energy management, regardless of how I “feel.” Here’s the big breakthrough for me.

“It does not matter how you feel. Just do what needs to be done. Take the next right action. Your feelings are not in control. Your feelings are bad leading indicators of what is possible for your day.”

So, on a scale of 1 – 10, how are you feeling today? What’s your mood? How is your energy? What’s your motivation?

Here’s my assessment this moment: Energy 6.5+

I combine all the factors into my assessment. But you could break them out. Here is my molecular energy score: Energy 6, plus Mood 6, plus Momentum 7.

The PLUS or MINUS sign indicates to me that I’m either RISING + or FALLING –. No additional symbol means STEADY.

Making Intentional Decisions About Your Energy

When I know that I’m a 6.5+ I can either add to my FUEL for UP, I can COOL a bit if I’m concerned about the “+”. Or I can do nothing.

Making Better Choices Every Day

Today, I find myself in good physical condition, very fine mental condition, and spiritually high. I’m about 10 lbs over my target weight, so I’m re-tuning into my FOOD as ENERGY or COOL awareness.

It’s not about dieting, for me. Dieting is a short-term solution that does not work. What’s required, to actually change your body composition, is a lifestyle change. For me, that means making better choices. Lessening the opportunities for me to eat a pint of ice cream. And more choices away from fatty and empty foods. It’s a gradual process.

I have my fitness in pretty good shape, I’m just a bit fat. That’s okay, it’s winter, and that extra insulation might be good if I’m going snow skiing. But on the tennis court, my arena of fun, I’d rather shed a few pounds while increasing the speed and aim of my first serve. With that goal in mind, here are my self-imposed disciplines.

Reduce the Opportunities for Poor Food Choices

Okay, here’s a big obvious idea. Don’t buy ice cream. Bingo! I might crave it, but I won’t eat it if it’s not in the house. All the time, I’m simply trying to make better choices. Sure, I want something sweet, but how about a single piece of hard candy? If I don’t buy desserts then I don’t eat them.

And when I do go out, for example, I can eat slightly healthier meals. I can skip the chips and hot sauce at my favorite TexMex restaurant. And drink water rather than a soda or rita. I’m simply moving my choices back towards the healthier side of life.

Manage Your Internal Battery Levels

Just like your mobile phone, your body has an internal battery. How much energy do you have? How much effort is required to do the next task? What we do on a daily basis to manage our energy levels can have a huge impact on our lives. If we get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise, we’re going to be healthier than if we do the opposite.

That’s it. Just keep making better choices throughout the day as you work to manage your energetic trajectory.

At this moment, I’ve just finished lunch. I have a bit of work to do this afternoon to get ready for an 8 am check-in tomorrow. So, I could either a. take a quick nap; b. drink a cup of coffee; c. go for a walk around the block (it’s an amazing day outside); d. spend 15 minutes doing something fun (In my case this is working on a song that I’ve been playing for the last week.)

Whatever gives you energy, understand the impact of that choice and the downstream impact on your energy. Whatever brings you down, or slows your momentum (and this can be a good thing) pay attention to those options as well. Use the chill activities to smooth out a rough patch.

Input vs Output: How Much Power Do You Need?

The biggest challenge is staying aware of our current INPUT and OUTPUT and gauging the necessary energy and effort to maintain a successful focus. Making micro corrections throughout the day allows me a much greater hand in shaping the course of my afternoon. If I simply went now for the ultra-strong cup of coffee, without thinking about what else is required of me this afternoon and this evening, I might overshoot my goal of being focused and available.

How aware are you of your current state of energy? Your mood? Your momentum and trajectory? The comments are always open, I’d love to hear from you.

Additional Note: Here are the things you can do to uplift your brainpower and energy according to a neuroscientist.



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