#SoberOctober Day One

#SoberOctober Challenge – Day One

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Well, I’ll self-report: the alcohol portion of this challenge is not going to be too difficult for me. I’m going to up my ante for this one and drop sugar from my diet for October. I don’t have too much trouble with beer, wine, or tequila, but a sugary treat gets me all crazy. So, can I do this in October? No candy, on Halloween? And my mom’s birthday, with a cake? And two other birthdays? Oh boy.

Okay, I’m in. I’m going to stretch and not eat candy, sugar, ice cream, or cake for the month of October. If it has the word dessert attached to it, I’m a NO THANK YOU.

I’m also going to up my fitness routine a bit and see if I can get a workout in at least 5 times each week. It will be harder when I travel later in the month, but I am going to put that as an additional priority.

I’m already a little sad about the candy. I enjoyed several JolliRanchers last night. Ho-hum. I knew I had to put some skin in the game. It would’ve been like me banning kale from my diet if I had just done alcohol.

Okay, friends and colleagues, what say you? Are you up for #SoberOctober?

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