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Sharing Our Perfect Moments | The Yes Practice

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Part of my joy in life is stopping and acknowledging my perfect moments. It sounds a lot like this:

“I’ve never been happier in my life.”

The form of the celebration can take many shapes. Photos. Stories. Articles. Poems. The message is the same.

At this very moment

  • my joy is infinite
  • my happiness is connected to some higher power
  • inner contentment and creative energies have come into balance
  • in a single moment, I can feel 100% loved
  • a beautiful sight, song, word, or touch can trigger this flooding of YES
  • yes is all I know

These types of moments are all around us. The gift is to stop and share them. I’m going to collect a few of the random celebrations here, in hopes that you can find a jumping-off point for your own YES PRACTICE.




Relationship Highs

A Path Towards Happiness

I invite you to share your moments of YES with those around you, but mostly with yourself.

You are here.


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