Dating 2.0

Dating 2.0: Some Refreshing Advice for Resuming Your Relationship Quest

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Beauty can be a trap.
Find your beauty within.
Let the relationship happen.

You’ve gotta get out there to get over yourself. It’s in relating to a real potential partner in a real setting that things might become interesting. If you don’t go to bars as part of your lifestyle, you might not want to meet your new potential partner at a bar. If you are not a runner you might be stretching a bit to date a partner that runs marathons and trains constantly. Or you might be willing to grow and change. You might have aspirations for who your partner is, and those might fuel some positive changes in your life. Or you might be trying to date out of your weight class.

One of the biggest problems with online dating, as reported by the online dating sites themselves, is that people tend to reach above their beauty and fitness level for someone who they aspire to be with or be like. Here’s the biggest dating advice I can give:

Get over yourself.

Examine what you want in life, and what kinds of things you like to do, then go do those things. Dating should not be a priority.

Your life is the priority.

When you aspire too much for someone too beautiful you might be getting off track for what’s important in your life. Ask yourself, “What is important in my next relationship?” Is beauty the number one requirement? My guess is that your answer is no. Beauty is important, but it’s not the most important thing. In my experience, the “beautiful” people tend to rely on that beauty for advantages in life. They may have cut some corners in their personal growth and development if they have always been pursued.

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