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Therapy vs Life Coaching: Two Different Processes & Goals

“Let’s chat about your life and where you’re going
and where you want to go.”

psychotherapy vs life coaching

I love therapy. I believe in my therapist and our relationship as I push forward with moving my life (love and professional) to the next level. But my therapist is not a coach. Her approach is more hands-off. I am the driver of my therapy sessions. As a life coach my process is much more direct and simple.

You Are the Driver, I Am Your Pit Crew

  1. Determine goals
  2. Define next steps
  3. Agree to check in on progress
  4. Refine the goals, steps
  5. Repeat

If you were training to race the Indy 500, you might be the best driver out there, with the fastest car, but it’s your pit crew who are going to make the difference in your W/L stats. Turns out, you already have a pit crew. What you need is a crew boss or crew coach.

As part of your pit crew, I can help you train for the race, I can help you set milestones and practice schedules. I will continue to help you refine your fuel mix, focus your attention on the actions that need to take place to get you into the winner’s circle. I’m going to help you take the checkered flag in your life of races. Finding core happiness at achieving your goals is part of contentment and satisfaction in life. You may not need to win every race, but you want to see consistent improvement in your life, your performance overall, and your results.

What Is the Race?

I work with men and women who are looking to reset their priorities in life to align more with their long-term goals. What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams? What parts of your life need attention? What immediate goals would help you build momentum and energy for the longer goals?

We are working on a training program that you define and we refine together. It’s best if my clients have some idea of what they want to work on before we begin our relationship.

Some of the topics I cover with regularity

Love – current relationships, or seeking a relationship, or getting reset in your own life and self love

Divorce – pre-wiring for divorce, how to navigate the division of property and time with the kids, working to be a better co-parent (regardless of your exes mood or actions.)

Work/Career – we all want to do what we love, we seek fulfillment in our jobs that goes beyond safety and a paycheck, most of us want a sense of purpose in our work, I can help you find that direction and move towards getting there

Depression – managing moods with mindfulness and a specific self-care process can make life’s ups and downs a bit more tolerable. I am not a doctor or a therapist, but I am a compassionate compatriot in the solo-battle of mood management and depression recovery.

How Do I Know What It’s Like?

I can only provide you with guidance and support, the work is going to be up to you. In a simple 30-minute phone call I can give you some guidelines for addressing whatever you are going through. Of course, we can’t solve your struggle in one phone call, but you should have a good idea if working with me is going to be the catalyst you are looking for in your life. The phone call is free. Let’s chat about your life and where you’re going and where you want to go.

In the end, a coach is a supportive and empathetic listener who has shared some of the same experiences you are going through. My strength and hope come from daily gratitude for my life, and daily progress towards my long-term goals.

After eleven years as a single dad, I’ve been working with men and women for over 5 years. I have been writing this blog as well as several books during that time, and I’ve reached some maturity in my processing of the divorce, of being a co-parent with someone who was unfriendly about the process. I can give you a new sense of hope, whatever the challenges you are facing.

Let’s talk about working together. There is no obligation, ever.


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