Moving from WE to US: How Becoming Parents Grows Our Love – Episode 8

Moving from WE to US: How Becoming Parents Grows Our Love – Episode 8

Richard and Tina have shared a wonderful love story of hope, faith, and continuous turning towards each other. In times of stress, they know their love becomes stronger, a source of inspiration and safety.

This family lives an intentional life together. The parents are modeling healthy love and healthy relationships for their two children. We all learn when we are around conscious and intentional people. When we see them win we know we are all winning by being part of their lives.

Richard also outlines his family’s definition of a true apology, which includes:

  • a hug
  • a kiss
  • an “I’m sorry”
  • and “Will you accept my apology?”

And so it goes for all of us. Let’s take some loving wisdom from Tina and Richard and incorporate it into our own lives. Let’s be more intentional about our apologies, about our expressions of love as well as disappointment, and how we make our lives stronger by being together.

Catch Part 1 of Richard’s story here: An Intentional First Date Starts with a Kiss

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