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A Love Story From Online Dating to 10-year Anniversary: Love on the Air Episode 01

INTRO: Each one of us wants to feel loved. We seek a partner. We navigate dating introductions to hopefully find someone to share our lives with. We commit to a relationship and try to make it work. We fail. And we find the courage and energy to start over. Listen to Love on the Air.

We all want to be loved. We seek love. We find someone to love. Then what happens next?

Being in a loving relationship is a continuous process of micro-corrections in our everyday lives together. We will all have difficulties and disagreements, the trick is how we choose to address them as a couple. In a healthy and consciously aware relationship, we can make choices that move us toward our partner. (Saying what hurt us, saying what we want, asking for some changes or modifications in the relationship.) If a relationship is less secure the individual partners might turn away from the relationship in times of struggle. (the fuck-it response, asking for distance, leaving to be alone).

Today we’re going to talk about seeking love and how to know when you’ve found it.

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