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Tina and Richard Get Married On the Beach, Magical Realism Ensues

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Love on the Air – Episode 2

We’re going to pick up where we left off, with my guest Tina Schweiger. In episode 1 she took us through her online dating process, she talked about how she was in the game to find a partner, and not waste anyone’s time. And then she met Richard, not online, but at an event. You’ll have to go back and listen to part 1 if you want that wonderful story.

Richard and Tina’s story started with a fairytale wedding on the beach and continued, to this point, for ten years, two kids, and counting. Our conversation continues as we dig into a bit more of their challenges and successes.

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Here is part 1, in case you’re just tuning in: Tina Schweiger Shares Her Amazing Journey from Dating to Marriage

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