online dating trends 2023 by bumble

Bumble’s Online Dating Trends Report for 2023

Bumble provided its annual prediction for the six trends that will shape dating in 2023. Let’s have a look.

Oh really? What this means is we’re running out of attractive and available candidates so we’re willing to go out of our comfort zone. Let’s say we would like a super-fit partner. We, on the other hand, are not in great shape. So, we’re going to push our comfort zone to include people who are a bit less fit. What this probably means is we are getting more realistic about our prospects.

Wait, only 49% of the respondents are prioritizing work/life balance. I guess that means the other 51% are workaholics. That kind of sucks.

Again, I think we’re running out of local prospects that will give us the time of day in online dating. So, we use a fantasy (a lover in New York City) location and “travel” to encourage ourselves to keep trying.

An open and exploratory approach to sex? Oh my? Is this a result of all the non-binary and flexible sex ideas in the media and in reality tv shows? Is “open” the new “sex-positive?”  Is this information? Or is this pablum?

The two less interesting trends are:

Okay, so we’re all a bit more money conscious in 2023. A casual date rather than drinks at a hipster bar sounds like a good idea.

Finally, one to reassure the ladies of Bumble :

Toxic masculinity is on the chopping block. 75% of men understand it. They may not agree. They may not be able to get beyond their patterns and upbringing, but at least 3 out of 4 men “have a clearer understanding.” That’s probably not enough, right, they need to be the opposite of “toxic masculine.” Oh well.

Here’s the thing about reports, surveys, and trends from online dating companies: they are marketing fluff pieces.

Did these “trends” give you any usable data? Are you feeling encouraged to give Bumble a try now? Perhaps the New Me(n) are out there and willing to be less bad-macho. How does that sound to you?

Online Dating Companies Want Cash

There’s a ton of money to be made by successful dating companies like Bumble. And if they worked really well, and we all found our next partner in a few weeks… Well, we’d quit paying them. If you’re IN A RELATIONSHIP you no longer need to pay Bumble to help you find a relationship.

Uh oh.

Bumble/Tinder/Match are more interested in selling you hopes and dreams. They lose if you find your “match” and get off the site. There is a clear conflict of interest.

Add to that, a large portion of the profiles on dating sites are run by the company to encourage you to pay for the premium features.

You think you’re chatting with a cute guy from across town, but you’re really being farmed and romanced by a cube worker in India with some cute stock photos. Add to that, some of the actual people online are scammers trying to get you to visit their “real” profiles on a different site.

If Bumble is successful you stay hopeful and keep paying them for the extras. If you are successful a partner will take you offline off their quota.

Bumble didn’t commission this survey to help you find a partner.

Bumble’s study is a puff piece designed to give you hope about how paying them will help you find a New Me(n) or a New woME(n).

I’d Be Curious To Know

What’s your experience with online dating? Here’s my own little statistic: In 12 years, 3 of my 6 post-divorce relationships started with online dating. My current, and hopefully last, girlfriend found me on a year and a half ago.

Here’s the plan.

  • Do your best.
  • Have a strategy.
  • Be honest with them and with yourself.
  • Keep going.


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