A Good Dad’s Journey Through Divorce

A Good Dad’s Journey Through Divorce

Subtitle: One father’s journey to staying connected and engaged with his children before, during, and after divorce. [Yes, I am still working on the book title.]

This is a parent book about how to separate from your family and previous spouse during the journey and life-changing experience of divorce with children. This is the most difficult journey I’ve ever experienced, but I’m stronger and a better father and partner because of my divorce. My kids keep me honest. As a single dad, I miss my kids every day. My ex-wife doesn’t have the same stretched of time without the kids. It’s not fair or balanced. And though I fought for a 50/50 parenting schedule, what I got was the 70/30 parenting schedule of the SPO (standard possession order). I did not get what I thought was fair, and in the process, I lost a huge chunk of my kid’s lives from the ages of 8 (son) and 6 (daughter). It’s heartbreaking, what most dads have to go through in a divorce. But in this story, you will learn about the silver lining.

Nothing can prepare you for the grief surrounding divorce.

dad and young son, dad misses his kids after divorce

And with children, the divorce is never final, your relationship to the other parent goes on as long as your kids are alive. You never get over your divorce, but you can get through it. And in this book, I am going to show you how to thrive after divorce. My hope is that this honest retelling of my experience helps guide the way for your future adventure into becoming a single parent. I am a good dad, I worked at becoming one, and I continue to work in my children’s lives to remain a constant and positive force in their lives. This is my journey.

Here is the table of contents.

Good Dad's Guide to Divorce - The Cover

I look forward to sharing more deeply about my journey as good dad before, during, and after the divorce.

Always Love,

John McElhenney

*The cover might go through a few more iterations.

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