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Finding Joy In the Diner’s Crappy Cup of Joe

I don’t exactly know what it’s about, but I love crappy (Denny’s like) diners. There’s one near my house, called Jim’s. I love being called “darlin” when the waitresses ask me what I want. I order coffee, but not because I like it. Their coffee here is awful. I order it anyway, so the waitress gets her full tip. I drink it a little to remind myself what the working man exists on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a working man as well. I keep my day job under control, I do my work, I say “yes sir” to my manager, even when they are saying things I know to be inaccurate. Trust is a bitch when you kill it. Nevermind that.

This morning, I’m in my spot, but deeper in the back of Jim’s. I’ve got the taste of Foldger’s rewarmed coffee and DairyPure Half & Half which has as much preservative as milk. And I’m happy. I’m content.

I’m getting over a strong reaction to the new Covid 2023 vaccine. It was like having the flu for three days, and my arm is still swollen and red as if I’d been bit by a wasp a few hours ago. Worth it, but ouch!

Today is Friday. Take a breath. A few minutes to myself before I jump into the flurry of meetings. Meetings that are quite meaningful to my company, less meaningful to me. Again, take a welcoming breath for the coming day. Work. Play. Relax.

At this moment, enjoy your breakfast. Breath in the life of the Jim’s and the bad coffee. Remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. What am I tethered to at this moment? What part of the collective unconscious am I threading in my current life?

Work. Day job. Tired man. Trading my time and skill for some money. And the end of the week is just a few hours ahead.


  1. My kids are healthy
  2. The Covid flu has passed and I’m recovering my stamina
  3. Breakfast eggs and English muffins are delicious
  4. Better coffee awaits me at home.

What are you grateful for?


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