How a Secure Attachment Looks and Feels in a Love Relationship

I am happier when I am in a relationship. My body is happier. My soul is glowing with the connection I feel to another human being. And my needs are being met on all levels, as we align ourselves and tune into each other's lives.

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A Few Small Repairs: Solving and Celebrating Misconnections in Love

Stay in the moment. When one of you feels a disturbance in the force, speak up. Ask for the repair. Illuminate the differences and the misconnections that occurred. And set some ideas, goals, phrases, that can remind you in the future when I similar situation or disconnection happens.

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Dear Ex, I Will Forgive You, But I Will Never Forget What You Did

I don't think my ex-wife or my ex-girlfriend derived any positive benefits from attacking me. And perhaps, their momentary feeling of superiority and vindictiveness was worth the price. But both these women attacked me and took actions to hurt me and my future prospects.

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