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A Sobering Moment: Join the #sobersummer Challenge

Alcohol has wreaked havoc in my life. As the son of an alcoholic, I’ve learned that I can get into it if I let myself go. I’m learning even more about how alcohol changes the chemistry in my brain and more importantly (for me) in my liver.

Starting today, June 15, 2023, I’m going to go stone-cold sober for the rest of the summer. I’ve never been a big drinker. I do love my tequila and margaritas.


I was paying attention over the last few weeks when frozen ritas became part of my game plan. I put 4 of the 10 pounds back on. And the change is not 100% due to how much I ate, or the amount of sugar in my rita mix.

Going Sober for the Summer

I’ve been months without alcohol. It’s not my drug of choice. (That is touch, obviously.) And, fortunately, my girlfriend and I are both fairly addiction free. Today, as I was talking to her, she said, “Well, I’ll do that with you.” Easy.

I definitely have some indicators that alcohol is not my friend beyond weight gain and sluggish morning routines. When that extra cup of coffee doesn’t do the trick, it might be something else affecting your system.

And my system is a bit different. I’m just over sixty, so I know my weight and my energy will be directly related to my intake and exercise. I’ve got the exercise part taken care of. My intake of queso, well, that too is going to need to change. The other factor that came as a new awareness a few days ago when I watched the video below is this: I’ve had my gallbladder removed. And while this poses minor issues for most people, the organ it most affects is the liver.

Since I have no gallbladder, my liver has to process all the fats I consume. That is not too big a deal, but it does change my relationship to fats. But here was the bigger ah-ha. Alcohol processing in the body causes the liver to stop its normal function and work to remove the toxin of alcohol. Well, in a gall-compromised person, this makes things even more detrimental when I drink.

Easy enough.

I’m going to stay sober for the summer, starting today. I’m going to watch my queso intake as well. And let’s see how this process changes my body, my mood, and my morning wakeup routine.

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