nothing but a poem to show for it

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sometimes even a love poem
can be seen as a threat

how does the poet not find the poet
if sparks and chemistry aligned
with deep feeling

if poet-to-poet romance
were the thing
wouldn’t we poets know about it
wouldn’t Rilke or Rumi have left some clues

so we don’t
we admire
run along side
and wonder


if i know myself
and i express my desire
with honest
tempered hot

oh i’ve been down the artist to artist road
and both times it didnt’ end so well

but maybe an ending is inevitable
and the wordsparks
would be worth the collapse

or maybe the hellfire
would incinerate
two romantic souls
like moths bursting together
at the lightbulb
of joy and expression

i’d be willing
i mean, i’m open
if i
well, it’s a risk

to feel too deeply is never a risk
to miss the deepness is the tragedy
longing for the connection
is good for the wordplay
but hard on the heart

this is just here
a few words
inspired by your beauty
with nothing but a poem
to show for it

that’s plenty

for now


image: found on facebook, origin unknown, creative commons usage

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