You’re Not the Only One Who Doesn’t Want to Be Alone Tonight

What I really want is to find a partner who is able to express love and joy easily. And then, over time, I want to continuously fall in love with her, every day. I want to celebrate our victories. I want to soothe the difficulties. And I want to feel loved, above all else,

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How A Male Life Coach Can Provide Perspective a Different Perspective

I am a safe confidant who can help you sort out the difficulties you are facing. Let's face them together. Let's put a plan together. Let's talk about it.

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The Art of Indifference After Divorce: Letting Go With Intention

What I've got is my state of happiness and peace. I no longer fight with her about anything. I no longer ask her for anything. I keep my communications primarily with my kids. As far as I'm concerned, she's no longer the superpower she was.

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