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Out today in hardback from Amazon.

the little red book of mindfulness - john oakley mcelhenney

Signed copies can be ordered for individuals or groups. Email me directly at john.mcelhenney (at) gmail (dot) com.

we've reached another beginning - the little red book of mindfulness

And, yes, all of these posts are available here on this blog, for now. (That’s how I write books.) But soon they will only be previews of the goodness inside.

I am booking a book tour locally and looking for a few sponsors to support East NYC and West SF/LA coasts.

The concept of mindfulness is easy. The process is easy to grasp. Find your own path. Then, the process of living a mindful life is to continually return to your path. We get lost. We get distracted. We get depressed or elated. We continuously return to the path.

*this is the way*

4-step path to mindfulness

Let me know if you have any questions, additions, or suggestions.



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