i sing the body connected (poem)


i sing the body connected
with the same red blood that awakes in the morning with a start
with the same red blood that cuddles and curls at night
and still longs for you
is there distance between us
further than magnetic North
is there anger and language
and communication break downs
if there is current
and currency
we are never apart
but connected
and super-conducted
and hyper-fluid
with bonds beyond atoms and skin
beyond spoken messages
there is no disturbance
in this force of one
that we have become
this is the contact
we’ve been searching for
like earth-connected
to discharge the negative
or hot bolt
if we
we are
in our bonded
tangle of messy emotions
and pulse beats
with a rush and tumble
yes, of hello, of want me too
isn’t this the frictionless
the heat of glance and desire
and motion together
and even apart
shooting sparks
that only we feel


image: milf hero, darkday, creative commons usage

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  1. Amy

    I’ve read a few of your posts on “The Good Man Project”. You are. Love your writing. LOVED “…cultivating sexual energy”. As a woman – yes it’s the same. I haven’t been divorced (or married) and have no kids (two legged anyway) but I still find your writing a joy to read. I’ve heard good things about Austin…

    1. jmacofearth

      Thank you Amy. Yes, Austin is wonderful. A bit crowded and we have some traffic issues, but I’ll keep it.

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