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Your Next Partner Is THE ONE: Take Dating To the *Next* Level!

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“Let’s do this,” means forever. 

What if you knew your next relationship could not fail? What if the next person you dated and then related to, was THE ONE. They were fun, easy, confident, and most importantly available.

The Golden Path of Finding a Lifetime Partner

  1. Available
  2. Emotionally Intelligent
  3. The ONE Is Here Now
  4. Navigation and Negotiation Skills
  5. As We’ve Ended As Lovers
  6. Reboot Again
  7. Going For the ONE

Okay, here’s the one thing that’s a bit ironic about me writing out these rules. I have not found my ONE. I thought I did. I think I am in THE relationship and something, some part, some requirement is not met. Often, I am the one pushing us to evolve. And then, I find, I’m usually the only one continuing to do the “work” of relationship-building. That won’t work. Both partners have to be 100% committed and willing to stretch and grow together, and here’s the kicker, forever!

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

The reality is, I have been in 100% committed relationships since my divorce. All of them have been healthier and more evolved than my marriage to the mother of my two kids. BUT, they all failed. (SEE: Single Dad Seeks) Well, failure is a harsh word. They all reached a peak and then descended into “this one is not for me.” But each of these partners and I had a shot at lasting love. But it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

I have found what I was looking for FIVE times since my divorce. (Next book will cover 3 – 4 – 5.) Here’s the trick.

When you’re ready to commit
to a partner, commit 100%.

  • Don’t leave any exits. (“It’s okay to see other people, just no kissing or no sex.)
  • Go all in. Be fearless and passionate.
  • When difficulties arise, or yellow cards are thrown on the field, take a step back and observe the relationship for a minute before rushing on.
  • Fight, but fight fair and fight well. Always fight with the goal in mind. Always try and find the WIN for both you and your partner.
  • Repair well. Always be the one who asks for the repair. (I’m sorry, sweetie, I was pissed and tired. I really do want to go to the softball game.) And always ask for forgiveness. This is a dance.
  • Love with your heart on fire.

When you are out of sync stop and reconnect. If the timing is not right, ask why. What’s wrong with the timing for YOU? What’s wrong with the timing for THEM? If you are committed there is NOT ONE OBSTACLE that will stop you from loving, re-loving, and continuing to love this person for the rest of your life.

Breakdowns and Transgressions

Things can happen to fracture even the best of partnerships. Infidelity (sexual or emotional) is a deal killer. Addictions are deal killers. (Alcohol, drugs, sex, adrenaline) Lack of time is a deal killer. (Listen up single parents, do you REALLY have time to put into a full-time relationship? If the answer is no, please press pause and not play.)

Most transgressions can be repaired depending on the circumstances and the level of commitment by both partners. Some transgressions are one partner’s way of ending the relationship.

Restarting Your Search

If you’re not searching for THE ONE, you are wasting time. If you are dating to be entertained, dating for fun, or circular dating, you are wasting everyone’s time. If you are in college or under the age of 30, perhaps playing the field is an idea that appeals to you. Sport-dating or open relationships are for young people who have nothing to lose.

Imagine talking to a couple (Like I did today.) who have been married for 61 years. (That’s longer than I’ve been alive.) When you hear them and the love they’ve shared, you will understand, there is no time to fuck around with casual dating. I want a lifetime partner. I want the next 50 years, at least to grow, cherish, and love my partner.

At this moment, I am single. And at this moment, I know that the next woman IS THE ONE.

Until she isn’t.

This is how I love. This is how I date. This is what I hope and expect from my partner. “Let’s do this,” means forever.


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  1. George

    Establishing a partnership is the hardest part. There is no ONE without it. At certain point you either decide to commit or not. In the honeymoon period? In the “let’s get real” period?
    So I can’t see going into something new with commitment as the outcome. It has to be “maybe a commitment” depending on very complicated variables. I do agree that once committed – staying committed is the real work. As someone once told me finding someone is a game to play. How that plays out is a whole a different kettle of fish. Maybe just being sincere to yourself and the other person about the whole process is part of the answer. Certainly it’s an exploration of who you are to each other without expectations. At least initially. Again, when does that change?

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