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Sex and the City REBOOT 2022 – Do We Need More Carrie?

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sex and the city reboot 2022

I love Carrie Bradshaw, but do we need more of her, today?

The controversy so far has been about their age and the media/public’s reaction to their return to the small screen. I’m not worried about their age, I’m worried about their content. The movies were our initial glimpse at the extending, and they were AWFUL.

Well, seeing two of the actresses on Colbert last night confirmed what I was worried about. We don’t care about these vapid and disconnected women. We liked Carrie because she was “us.” We liked her vulnerability. Her misses and home runs in love. But it was all a bit ridiculous. 4 white women in New York bitching about everything. And without Samantha’s sex-cravings, we’re going to have a lot fewer chuckles.

In watching Charlotte and Miranda on Colbert a few nights ago I was astounded by how these two women were back in the national spotlight. They had confidence and irrational exuberance but not an intelligent word was uttered. It was like watching Colbert interview two socialites at the Plaza hotel. The only one with any coherence was Colbert. And, I’m sorry, I didn’t really enjoy Charlotte on the show, and now she’s just an older, more expanded version of Charlotte.

A recent Gawker review pretty much summed up my initial “ick” at the Colbert road show cat-tastrophe.

‘And Just Like That…” Feels Like an Ambien Dream

And in working on this little snark I found a photo from the new show.

and just like that

It’s easy for me to say I’m missing the voice I really wanted to hear from. I don’t care about Miranda or Charlotte. And Carrie, her ‘glam’ thing is a bit insufferable for me. Do we imagine she’s making enough money to wear those shoes and live in that fab apartment in NYC. Um, yeah.

So, the show was based in some imaginary NYC of 15 years ago. And Carrie was at least novel and fresh. Samantha was just like the actress’s coming-of-age scenes in “Porky’s.” Samantha scorched the scenes and Carrie irritated us. But together they were like fire and ice. The writers struggled to make Charlotte and Miranda interesting. And with the reboot, they are really going to have to work to get us over the “who cares” factor.

I’m not that interested in seeing “And Just Like That…” but I’m sure I’ll tune in a couple of shows, as I did with SJP’s “Divorce” which was a disaster. Yes, she needs a new vehicle, but did it have to be a reboot? Like yet another reboot. I hope this one has some momentum from its 4 new, non-white, multisexual, stars.

Let’s see if we still care for this star character and her trials and tribulations at finding love in her $5,000 shoes. I’ll confess, the shot of her in the hat and her with “Big” only makes me less interested.


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