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in the clear : a poem

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in seconds our bubbles drifted apart
there was no pop sound
no resistance
a breeze from the east pushed me outward
towards the ocean’s edge
the sun was peeking over the green horizon
and lighting up the dark sky
with a crimson morning song

i have lost the feeling in both hands
and there is little motivation to stay up at night
as the weeks’ freezing temperatures continue to drop
off our digital thermometers
and into the record books, 1941
had a colder day in February
but i wasn’t there
i bundle up as best i can
most of my swell clothes are in the storage unit
as i head out towards the storm
but i just in time i remember something

storms eventually run out of rain
this chill is a temporary setback
with lessons
and chapters of experience for the next book
thank you, next
i find myself
in the clear
once again
and there is a thrill here
an acceleration away from the known universe
into “what’s next”
to infinity
and beyond

this time
as i slow down
pulling back from the turbo button
i catch a glimpse of my tired
yet happy face
a relaxed grin
that reminds me of my own inner Bill Murray
and i listen to my heart
i am not sad
i am alone
i am okay
bill and i have been here before

go forth
it’s time to reassess the maps
reset all expectations of treasure
and focus on my head, my bed, my sleep, my fire
the next love will arrive
just in time
that’s the way the universe works
in mysterious ways
beyond my understanding
and that’s okay with me
i give up
take the wheel
i would like to request an account review
i don’t think these are my charges
i see the children, but they are unfamiliar to me
i am tindering malicious and vile thoughts
as i let everything go
once again
surrendering again


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