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Heading Into the Holidays with Intention and Joy

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The holidays since my divorce have been a mixed bag. When you have young children, the holidays are magical and exciting. All the singing, the present planning, the parties… And then a silly little thing like divorce comes and wrecks the spirit of the entire season. When you lose your children over the holidays, things can get dark. I’ve written a lot about prepping and strategizing for a depression-free holiday season as a single parent.

This Holiday Season is Different

I’ve just emerged from a Covid bout that took a lot out of me. The flip side, however, is that my partner and I continued to share our lives and affection as if I was merely on a book tour in England. I never felt a waiver. In previous relationships, uncertainty was a given. In my partnership today, our constancy and enthusiastic support for each other, even in stressful moments, are unequaled.

I am looking forward to this holiday season, our second, in a way that I haven’t felt since the kids and their mom shared the same house with me. What’s changed? Me. And my unrelenting focus has always been on finding the right relationship, a relationship based on healthy communication and unfettered affection. How many times a day can you say, “I am so lucky,” when referring to your partner? That goal has always driven my quest. I wanted someone who was ready to open up a brand new chapter together, to co-pilot our future, and to discover the best years of our lives together.

We’ve both got two kids, and our joy will certainly revolve around their participation and celebration. However, the biggest joy will be our celebration of each other and our continuous appreciation for one another.

Christmas Starts Tonight For Me

I’ve been isolated for almost two weeks. Tonight, I will get to reunite with my partner. Our Christmas is being together.

My hope for you is twofold:

  1. If you have kids I hope you can celebrate and build traditions that give you the closeness you deserve.
  2. If you’re still seeking a relationship, I hope you can find joy and peace in the celebration with others.

In my life, I have believed that I deserve to be loved with the same intensity and integrity that I am capable of. I have found a worthy recipient. The feeling is mutual. And, I had to go through FIVE relationship attempts to find my whole partner. Never settle. Never give up. And if you need to chat with someone over the holidays my free sessions are still open.

And who knows, maybe I won’t be a single dad forever.


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