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The Deep Space Divorce Saga

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Chapter One: My Little Rocket Ship of Hope and Love

So I’m a little rocket ship. And when I’m well-fueled, well-balanced, and have a good map in front of me, all systems are go, green lights across the board, look out, cause here we go. When the map gets torn in half and the fuel supply is momentarily shut off, I do tend to flounder. Well, I actually gained strength and insight this time. So what’s changed? [read more]

Chapter Two: Single Parent Moon Landing: Into the Sea of Tranquility

When everything in your life is threatened or taken away you get stripped down to the basics rather quickly. What is important in your life? It’s not the things. It’s not your house or your car. It’s not even your own happiness. Those things are malleable, flexible, discardable. [read more]

Chapter Three: The Crew Must Survive

The map ahead needed to be completely reimagined and then redrawn. The objective was still clear, if not quite a bit further away now that all of our gear had been wrongfully evacuated into deep space. Our only option for recovery back to the good life on Earth was fuel production. Without cash flow there would be no fuel for the return journey. That part of the plan was never in doubt. [read more]

Chapter Four: Preparing to Disembark: Liftoff from Tranquillity Base

We are in the final countdown to liftoff from Tranquillity Base. I used to joke that I was feeling no pain here, but that I was slightly anesthetized. This morning, my last morning in my mom’s house, I am fully awake and ready for what’s next. [read more]

Chapter Five: Massive Action: The Return Journey Begins Now

And in the last 10 months, living at my mom’s house, I have been strategizing about my new plan.

  • Get fuel source.
  • Find new rocket ship.
  • Execute to plan.

And here we are… The future begins now. [read more]

Chapter Six:  We Almost Lost the Ship

I was still living in the house. I was committed to finishing out the school year before leaving the house. And in these strained times, I often made conversation with my soon-to-be-ex about “maybe we should reconsider.” She would have none of the idea, but I chatted along anyway. So, in this dream I suggested we not get a divorce at all. I’d just move out and get another house, a little bit away. The kids could circulate easily between either house. We could all benefit from the proximity of each other. [read more]

Stay-tuned next week for the exciting continuation… 

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