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Correcting the Lie and Non-existent Science Behind: Intelligence Genes Come from Mothers

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You may have seen this post recently.

It may seem like the article is a composite of several sources., Daily Occupation, and Enlightened Human. There’s one big problem with the post.

All three posts are nearly identical and self-referential.

Let’s give it a look.

First the AUXX.ME article. Here is the reference section.

Okay, so let’s go look at the source document, from Daily Occupation.

Okay, so we’re looking at two more sources, linked, and ONE scientific study. Do you see the major spoiler in the scientific evidence? “IN MOUSE DEVELOPMENT.” Yep, and while it’s not linked a quick Google search brought up the original science from 1984.

Of course, there is still the Psychology Spot article cited, that begins…

Smart people should thank their mothers because, according to researchers, their mothers are mainly responsible for transmitting intelligence genes. Thus, gender stereotypes that have survived for centuries are perhaps about to disappear. Single women who want an intelligent child don’t need to look for a Nobel Prize at the nearest sperm bank and it is likely that men will begin to see the intelligence of women as an important part of their attraction.

Hmmm. Interesting agenda there. Not really all that sciency is it? Feel free to look at the Psychology Spot article, but check out the sources and the comments. Major sources include topics like: “Maternal support in early childhood” and “Effect of breastfeeding on intelligence” and some more dubious ones like “Development of reconstituted mouse eggs suggests.” Yeah, we’re basing this series of articles with bogus information on mice science.

bullshit science claims intelligence is from moms not dads
check out Psychology Spots sources and then the comments.


And finally, we’ve got the other source, from a Dr. Keith Witt of Here’s how he starts off his post:

A lot of fathers are going to hate this, but genetic research has found guys probably get a lot of their intelligence from their X gene, the feminine one.

The good doctor fails to list any sources. Yet he cited by the other posts as a source. A source of what, opinionated BS?

The good Dr. Witt goes on to say:

But, still, if you’re a guy and you’re born really smart or really stupid, a lot of that’s from your mother and grandmothers’ genome.

Finally, the good doctor gives us a charming story about how his post came to be:


When I told all this to my friend, Patricia Albere, a single mother most of her son’s life and a keen observer of ego in all its forms—and, let’s face it, male ego, can be uniquely infuriating
around gender and pride—she found it delicious that the genetic legacy of mothers and grandmothers could so strongly affect boys’ intelligence.

“You’ve got to write a blog about this,” she said.

So, Patricia, here you go.

Touching story doctor, but utter bullshit.

I’ve asked AUXX.ME’s [email protected] to take down the bullshit post, but I suspect I will not hear from them. Here’s that site’s disclaimer.

I do think we need to confront stereotyping bullshit that is written to fuel an agenda. These articles are not science, they are not correct, and they put forward a horrible US vs THEM proposition that has no place in healthy parenting or healthy discussions about parenting. I’m certain these posts are going to circulate in various circles to become ammo for fights and custody battles. This is shameful journalism. Actually, it’s non-journalistic click-baiting. I’m sick of it.

And here’s the fallout of this kind of mis-information. 206 shares so far. People share what they want to believe, what supports their platform, even if the information is wrong and harmful.

Always Love,

John McElhenney

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