Fool In The Rain: A Brief Retelling of My Divorce and Rebirth

It's been a hard journey as a single dad. But out of this wreckage, I hope I can bring the stories and lessons I've learned and continue to share them with others. Dads don't have to lose everything in a divorce.

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Announcing the Whole Parent podcast: Love on the Air

I greet you with gladness and a certainty that we can share some ideas about love and grow from our experience. Join us on the journey for the Love on the Air podcast.

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How Did I Miss So Much In My Marriage? Divorced, I Now Understand.

How do we men get away with exiting our responsibilities so easily? How do our women not ask us clearly for what the need, over and over, until they get it? Perhaps most of you do. I was the husband that was always trying to find ways to make my wife happy, rested, and relaxed. I did everything I could.

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