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Are You Trying To Recover From a Breakup? Not Ready To Move On?

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Since September 2013, when I wrote the first Whole Parent post: A Return to Wholeness After Divorce, I’ve been working away on myself, my own relationships, and my own failed marriage. I am happy to report that my son is a junior in college and my daughter is a freshman in college. My obligations (child support, kindness, gratitude in the face of indifference) are over. My obligation now is to my kids and my kids alone. They have emerged from her house. They have returned to an unfiltered unfettered relationship with me.

Being a Single Dad

I cannot make up for the lost time. I cannot regain any of the 75% of my parenting time with my kids over the last 11 years. I can only move forward and continue as best I can to be a good dad, a supportive parent, and a resource for them both spiritually, financially, and emotionally.

We Are Done

And as I enter this new phase of parenthood and life, I am also changing my coaching business.

Over the last 5 years I’ve been coaching women and men with two primary intentions:

  1. Help parents navigate the divorce process as painlessly as possible
  2. Help single adults find new and meaningful relationships again

Today, I am retiring from the “divorce coaching” business. I am moving onward and upward to support my clients in the most powerful and efficient way I can. I am changing my focus to be RELATIONSHIP BUILDING.

As of today, I am back in the arena of dating and seeking another potential lifetime partner. And I am moving away from my own traumas and triggers around divorce, child support, parental alienation, and all the other dark painful stuff I have written so much about in the last 11 years, to the day, of my divorce.

It Is My Birthday of Sorts

I am leaving behind the entanglements and frustrations with an ex-wife who had no concept of “shared parenting” and no intention to co-parent with me, even if that’s what we agreed to. She simply went her own way and cut me out of any meaningful role in my kids’ parenting decisions. Okay, that’s done. And for that, I thank her. We are done.

You can read all about it in my book Fall of the House of Dad. That is my mic-drop. I don’t need to talk about her anymore. Period.

Always Love,

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