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Announcing the Whole Parent podcast: Love on the Air

From Love on the Air – The Podcast from The Whole Parent

We’re just getting started, and already we’re excited by our social media responses and the inspirations keep pouring in. Thank you.

The philosophy of life says that when you are ready the opportunity will present itself. The lover will appear when we have healed our past breakups. The teacher will arrive just as we become willing to learn from our mistakes and our victories. My opportunity today is beginning the podcast for the single parenting blog The Whole Parent.

We’re calling it Love on the Air, and we’re going to talk about all aspects of love.

What’s This About Love?

  • Love as a parent.
  • Love as a partner.
  • Love as an individual seeking a higher purpose.
  • Love as a community.
  • Love as a path towards self-fulfillment.
  • Love as… (what does your mind fill in here?)

You are invited to join us on this journey to discover love in all its rainbow of colors.

  • How does your self-love set the tone for your entire life? How does your loving presence affect all of those around you?
  • How can love transform even your dark moments into reflections of beauty and strength?

We are on a discovery journey, and we’d like you to be a part of our exploration. What does love mean to you? Have you had the experience of losing someone you love and the despair that comes with loneliness and depression?

Love is both light and dark. Love is the yin and yang. Love is a higher calling. Love is a spiritual path. Love is a personal connection with God and the community of people around you. When we talk about love we are talking about life.

What The World Needs Now

It seems to me, at this moment in time, we need love more than ever. We need individuals to rise up with love. We need our country to rise up in connection and love rather than disconnection and greed. Today is the day we begin a new chapter. And this day, as you are finding our “hello world” post, I greet you with gladness and a certainty that we can share some ideas about love and grow from our experience. Join us on the journey.

Visit us at: Love on the Air.

Let us begin…

August 1, 2019.

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